We are glad that you have come here to learn about your Muslim neighbor. As Adventists, we will find spiritual Muslims to be among our best friends.

They, like you, are most interested in living their life in accordance with God's will.  That is why they are called Muslims—one who is submitted to God.  

  • They, like us, realize that the last days will bring the judgment of God and we want to be ready for that day. 
  • They are very concerned about the lack of morals in our modern world.  So are we. 
  • They are people of prayer.  So are we.

The best way to learn about your Muslim friends is to get to know them. Ask them questions about their faith.  Listen to the stories of their spiritual journey. You may also find useful the information on this website that will give you some basic understanding of their beliefs and practices.  You will want to take note of information about their culture, too, so you will not offend by saying the wrong things or acting in ways that could be misunderstood.

We invite you to go make a friend!


Thank You!